In Wikipedia, a bot is a computer program designed to change articles automatically, according to pre-defined rules.

Hebrew Wikipedia bot guidelines

  • A bot has to be useful - before writing a bot, please make sure there is a real need for it. Sometimes a task is better accomplished using a barn. Additionaly, there is no use burdening the wiki servers with edits that do not assist the reader.
  • The bot should be harmless - If the bot damages articles, it would better not run at all.
  • The bot should be authorized before activation, in the requests page. Interwiki Global Bots are permitted in accordance to the standard bot policy in Meta.
  • The bot should not be activated before the bot flag is accepted. Unflagged bots will be blocked.
  • After the bot status is granted, please add [[קטגוריה:משתמשים בעלי דגל בוט]] or {{Bot|Operator-Name}} to the bot user page (adding it to the bots category).

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