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Bonjour et bienvenue chez nous! J'ai vu l'article que tu viens d'écrire, et je crains qu'il ne conforme pas aux normes qu'on expecte ici. Je te suggère d'abord d'y mettre le modèle {{בעבודה}} pendant que tu travailles, et de le bien développer avec du texte Hébreu, sinon on devra le supprimer. Quant à la déclaration des droits de l'homme, voilà une traduction.

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Bonjour :)

Thank you for adding an interwiki for ביתא ישראל (Beta Israel).

If you find more interwikis for WikiProject Beta Israel, or the articles we write for it, please let us know. Best, ליאור ޖޭ 16:19, 14 במאי 2008 (IDT)[]

Merci. I have been interested in the history of judaism eversince I have visited the Jewish collection at the Musée Lorrain in Nancy, when I was a child. I had started an article in Hebrew about Lunéville (לונוויל) but unfortunately it was deleted by a zealous deleter, because it was only a stub ; the city is nevertheless intersting, since the synagogue of Lunéville is the oldest synagogue in France, built in 1786 (just before the synagogue of Nancy, built in 1788) ; if ever you feel like recreating the article about Lunéville in Hebrew, of translating in Hebrew some of the articles I just mentioned, I would be most grateful ! Concerning Ethiopia, I went in 2003, interested in the Ark of the Covenant, supposed to be kept in Axum. And I was fascinated by the history of the Falasha near Gondar, and I was moved by the film by Radu Mihaileanu, Va, vis et deviens. I do try to add as many interwiki links as possible, and to help the Amharic Wikipedia to grow... Baronnet - שיחה 16:56, 14 במאי 2008 (IDT)[]