i am mohsen from cold city called zanjan in north west of iran. I've been using Wikipedia since 2004 and seriously begin to edit from 2007 . and i am active in fawiki and fawikiqoute and fawikitonay and many other wiki projects.I am also meta steward , if you need my help don't hesitate . you can easily find me both on my meta user talkpag or Email .

Many people think that all Iranian hates Israel and Jewish people. Be Sure it is not really like that. there are many people who live here and like Israel like all other nations all over the world.Let's be hopeful for the future and more friendship among the people. If you have any question about iran feel free to ask .i would be delighted to answer

Mardetanha means: lonely man in English , L'uomo solitario in Italian


A Thousand Words from One Picture

God sees the truth but bides its time


ויקיפדיה:כישורי שפה
fa ‮زبان مادری این کاربر فارسی است. (פרסית)
az Azərbaycan dili bu istifadəçinin ana dilidir.
آذربایجان دیلی بو استفاده‌چی‌نین آنا دیلیدیر.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English. (אנגלית)
tr-2 Bu kullanıcı orta seviyede Türkçe anlıyor.
ar-1 هذا المستخدم يعرف مبادئ العربية. (ערבית)
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